Cairns Scuba Diving On the Great Barrier Reef

Diving Cairns’ Great Barrier Reef is one of life’s must do experiences. This amazing natural paradise was World Heritage listed for its beauty and diversity and it’s waiting for you to come and explore.

The calm, warm tropical waters provide homes to vibrant coral reefs, giant clams, marine turtles, reef sharks and a multitude of reef fish. Diving is a great way to explore the Great Barrier Reef. We offer certified dives for those who have done a certification course with an accredited diving body and introductory dives for those of you who have no certification, but would like to give it a go.

Please note: All diving is subject to you having no medical condition (past or present) or taking any medication which may be contradictory to diving. All divers (certified and introductory) will be required to fill out a diving medical questionnaire on board, regardless of whether pre-booked or booking on board. It is imperative that you inform us of any health condition or medication truthfully, as diving has special health requirements, in part also due to breathing compressed air.

Your safety is our absolute concern. If you are very keen to try diving on the day and have any queries in regards to this please e-mail us info@oceanfree.com.au so we can further advise if any medical clearance may be required – it avoids any disappointment on the day! If you have pre-booked and paid for a dive direct with us and are turned down for a dive on the day you can get a refund for the dive portion of your ticket.

Ocean Free Tour Prices ~ Green Island Sailing and Snorkeling Tour

*Includes $20 comprising of Environment Management Charge (EMC) $6.50 / Port $2.83 /RAM $2.70/ $7.97 admin | **2 Adults + 2 Children

Introductory Diving on Pinnacle Reef ~ Green Island

No experience needed! Ocean Free’s highly qualified dive instructors will provide tuition on dive safety, techniques, underwater communication and the equipment. To participate, you will need to complete an on-board dive medical sheet (a/a), listen to a brief, including a short assessment test (don’t worry your informative instructor will help you understand at every step), practice a few skills on board and holding onto a bar in the water and then get slowly guided down holding your attentive instructor’s hand to a depth of about 6 M – perfect for your first dive – enough to get close to all the marine life, but shallow enough to be very relaxed and comfortable. You will feel perfectly safe while you explore the stunning coral gardens with your instructor by your side. And it is not just about the amazing reef and underwater life, breathing under water for the first time will also astound you! Bubbles gently float to the surface as you experience weightlessness (much more cost effective than going to the moon!) and can truly glide though the waters with your fish companions!

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Green Island Certified Diving ~ Great Barrier Reef

Pinnacle Reef off Green Island is one of the Great Barrier Reef’s best kept secrets and with Ocean Free, you can be one of the lucky few to explore it! Just some of the commonly seen reef residents around this “coral garden” include harmless, black tipped reef sharks, spangled emperor, batfish, clownfish, giant clams and sea turtles, not to mention the colourful array of hard and soft corals that rise from 10m to plateau just beneath the surface. Water temperatures are warm throughout the year with good visibility on most days. Current and weather conditions can sometimes affect visibility but your guides will ensure the best dives possible in any weather conditions. Please note that we offer conservative, relaxed certified diving with depths of 10-12m. We are not a dedicated diving boat offering deep water and drop offs. Top quality dive equipment, including masks (prescription if needed) fins & snorkel are included in the price. We are passionate about showing you the reef and we take your safety and enjoyment very seriously. All dives are guided.

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